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Red Hat Interaction Designer
Currently collaborating with designers, developers, engineers, product managers, and other stakeholders across the OpenShift ecosystem to contribute new features and improvements related to bare metal management and cluster observability within OpenShift. I get to stretch both the designer & developer muscles in my brain every day, and use my (comparatively limited 😄) technical knowledge to help translate complex topics into helpful suggestions and actionable next steps.

Red Hat Associate Interaction Designer
Contributed well-considered user interface designs and production-ready HTML/CSS to open-source projects and products including PatternFly, KubeVirt, Metal3, and OpenShift as part of the User Experience Design team at Red Hat.

Tufts CEEO Graduate Student Researcher
Designed and developed a new website platform to power the Maker Network and Novel Engineering websites at Tufts University’s Center for Engineering Education and Outreach. The new system enabled straightforward front-end page authoring, media uploading, student portfolios, and private project sharing. It also integrated with an RFID-based access control system to safely monitor and restrict student access to potentially dangerous shop equipment.

Tufts CEEO Researcher
Summer 2015
Designed and developed interactive, web-based handbooks intended to help high school students learn how to use the National Instruments myRIO embedded hardware device. Research was funded by National Instruments and successfully demonstrated the benefits of a multimedia-oriented alternative to the static PDFs included in their existing nPoints platform.

Tufts MAKE Founder
2013 - 2016
Started an interdisciplinary product design club that designs, prototypes, and creates devices and software using IDEO/Google-inspired product development methods. The club encourages students to learn by making, and offers a variety of recurring hands-on workshops related to hardware and software.

Thinkerbit, LLC Web Consultant
2011 - Present
Created and currently maintain half a dozen websites for clients on contract, handling eCommerce and content management for blogs and product-based sites. They've delivered 11 million pages to 6 million unique visitors to date, with over 150,000 new visitors each month.

InvenTech Enterprises, LLC Co-Founder and Communications Manager
Led a team of nine high school students through the process of creating an assistive technology device company and filing for a provisional patent in collaboration with the University of Connecticut Intellectual Property & Law Clinic. Co-developed an assistive backpack storage device for wheelchairs.



Tufts University M.S. in Human Factors
School of Engineering
2015 - 2017

Tufts University B.S. in Human Factors / Engineering Psychology
School of Arts & Sciences
2011 - 2015



Vincent Manno Leadership Award
2016 - Tufts University

This award is given annually to a Mechanical Engineering or Human Factors student who has excelled in a leadership role.... The student should have demonstrated vision, communications skills, and an ability to motivate and lead a team to achieve specific objectives with excellence under various resource constraints (e.g., manpower, budget, schedule, and specifications). - Source

National Finalist Award in the National Engineering Design Challenge
2009 - Read more


Hard Skills

  • Human Factors research
    • Usability testing
    • Qualitative and quantitative study design
    • Heuristic evaluations
    • Research methods (competitive analysis, task analysis, focus groups, surveys, etc.)
  • Web design & development
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript (frontend)
    • PHP, WordPress, Kirby CMS
  • User interface & graphic design
  • Digital prototyping
  • Maker technologies
    • 3D printing
    • Laser cutting
    • Vinyl cutting
    • Basic electronics
  • Prototyping methodologies

Soft Skills

  • Team leadership and coordination
    • Balancing skills, growth, and work to be done
    • Interpersonal communication
    • Encouraging personal growth
  • Empathic design
  • Public speaking / presenting
  • Writing


  • Reading & learning
    • Consumer tech trends (iOS/Android, macOS/Windows, AR/VR, services)
    • Design trends and usability research
    • Web and software development
  • Writing at
  • Physical prototyping