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Baby BB-8

My last project as Tufts MAKE's leader and a great example of interdisciplinary collaboration.

2016 Read →

Tufts Maker Network

My Master's project that centralized Tufts' maker community.

2015 Read →

Dragon Mobile Assistant

My senior capstone design project creating new proactive and in-car experiences for a mobile assistant.

2014 Read →

Tufts Dash

A Tufts-themed web app that puts all of Tufts' timely information at a glance.

2014 Read →

Tufts MAKE

A product design and development club that paved the way for more making-related opportunities at Tufts.

2013 Read →

Oreo De-Creamer

The silly little project that pushed the boundaries of extracurricular making at Tufts.

2013 Read →


My web development and design consultancy.

2011 Read →


The first website I designed and developed, now serving millions of pages each year.

2011 Read →

InvenTech Enterprises

A high school club that became an assistive technology device company.

2008 Read →